While we have access to the best databases available, we are not a database company. We are licensed private investigators with decades of relevant experience who personally walk your projects through the process of investigation from beginning to end. We work with each of our clients personally, no matter if they are a Fortune 500 company, law firm, small business, or private citizen. We believe that the foundation of a solid business contract that will stand the test of time is a good relationship with our clients. Your concerns and needs are important not only to us, but for the integrity of the investigation as a whole – which is why we are always just a phone call or email away, ready to address any questions you may have. In addition to our bespoke service we also offer a ‘hands off’ approach to clients who feel they do not need bespoke service – something that works well with larger companies that trust us to provide a constant, daily stream of information. In either circumstance, we make ourselves available to discuss anything at any point in the process of the investigation.

We gather intelligence for our clients that enables them to make educated business decisions. Utilizing public and proprietary sources and assets – including but not limited to electronic and human operatives in the field – we specialize in:

  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Criminal and Civil Background Investigations
  • Asset Investigations

We provide many a la carte services such as DL checks & Credit Reports as well, just ask.



The internet is full of information – some of it reliable, some of it absolutely not reliable; database companies and inexperienced researchers often do not know how to recognize inaccuracies or flaws in information. Many database companies and inexperienced researchers also do not cross-check the information they gather – they simply gather and provide for a fee. More troubling still, clients that utilize database companies and generic research services often do not know how to recognize whether the data they’ve been given is accurate or up-to-date. This approach can have very negative (legal) consequences, not only for the individuals and companies in question/under investigation but also for the client who relies on inaccurate data to inform their decision-making.

CAPITOLINE is not a database company and our investigators have decades of relevant experience and expertise in research and security; our sources are broad and include a wide range of both digital and human assets that are not accessible to the general public. We thoroughly verify information at every level, ensuring the timeliness and integrity of the data we gather, running everything through a triple-check system that creates an accurate and reliable investigative report. We welcome all clients – especially those who think they may have been given a flawed or inaccurate report; we can check the accuracy of the information you’ve been given and let you know if it’s on target or not. Get in contact with us here.